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womanshellPerhaps the most important step in the process of obtaining hearing aids is a thorough consultation to determine which level of technology and what style will best serve your needs and price point.

Ms. Van Wagner is well equipped to serve your hearing aid needs. She has been fitting hearing aids for 30 years in a wide variety of settings, offering a full spectrum of technology from economy and entry level to state of the art with wireless streaming capabilities.

There are 5 basic components to all hearing aids: microphones, amplifier, loudspeaker, battery and a computer chip. The computer chip is the component that is programmed to suit individual needs. The better the hearing aid, the more natural the listening experience will be due to features like bandwidth, output, automatic volume regulation, noise management and feedback suppression. The most advanced hearing aids also have personalisation options and can connect wirelessly to a number of devices, such as mobile phones.

There are hearing aids available to suit all needs and budgets. Your audiologist can recommend a model based on the result of a hearing test and a conversation about your lifestyle and budget.


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