earmolds1Custom earmolds are available for a wide variety of uses & devices:

  • Hearing aids
  • Custom earmolds for your earbuds / blu tooth, including Apple and Beats by Dr. Dre
  • Occupational & Recreational noise reduction
  • Floatable Swim molds
  • Sleep molds
  • Custom musician’s plugs with filters (9, 15, and 25 dB attenuation options)
  • DefendEars by Westone for gun shooting (passive and active options)
  • Custom motorcycle ear plugs (reducing wind noise)
  • communications 
  • Sports noise reduction

Musicians earmolds
Musician earplugs are essentially calibrated earmolds that allow for attenuation of sound in a controlled intensity (decibel) amount compared with conventional earplugs which reduce high frequencies more than the low and mid-frequencies, resulting in music and voices sounding muffled and unclear. In addition, they are much more consistent in providing hearing protection than using foam earplugs, which may not always be inserted far enough into the ear canal.

You don’t have to be a musician to benefit from “musician’s” earplugs. Anyone working in loud environments that still need to carry on a conversation can use them:

  • Members of a school band
  • Band Teachers
  • DJs
  • Bartenders
  • Waitresses
  • Sound crews,
  • Recording engineers,
  • Referees,
  • Motorcyclists,
  • Dentists
  • Construction workers,
  • Industrial workers
  • Truck drivers.

With iPods and MP3 players. These provide two significant advantages over traditional earplugs: (1) custom fit allows for more comfort and retention in the ear and (2) custom earmolds reduce the amount of ambient noise so that the volume of the music player can be reduced.


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  • American Academy of Audiology
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